Tiled pitched roofs, bitumen, glassfibre and rubber flat roofs in Stockport

Gavin Thornley of GT Landscapes and Construction served his time with a large roofing contractor for the first 6 years of his career. As a company this means we have the perfect experience to tackle just about any roofing construction method that may be needed in the Stockport and Greater Manchester areas. Here are the roofing construction services we can provide:

  • Pitched roofs constructed from slate, clay or concrete tiles.
  • Flat roofs constructed with bitumen felt membrane.
  • Flat roofs constructed with Fibreglass (GRP Glass Reinforced Plastic).
  • Flat roofs constructed with EPDM Rubber membrane.
  • All timber and steel roof frame construction to suit your needs.
  • Loft conversions, Velux windows and skylights.

A Stockport roofer for all aspects of roof repair and construction

Here's a small sample of different roofing projects completed by GT Landscapes and Construction. Look out for more details of these jobs and others in the Project Case Studies section of our web site in the near future.

Tiled roofing in Stockport Tiled roofing in Stockport

Above: A new extension roof in Stockport completed by GT Landscapes and Construction. We completed all roof timber and truss work and covered with breather felt and 25mm x 38mm treated lathes. The front of the property was re-tiled using the original tiles and the side and rear elevations in brand new matching tiles. Two new Velux roof windows were fitted and a flue pipe too. Ridges use a dry-fix system and a GRP valley.

EPDM rubber membrane roof EPDM rubber membrane roof

Above: A replacement flat roof constructed in Stockport by GT Landscapes and Construction using an EPDM rubber membrane. EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) is an extremely durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane.

GRP Glassfibre flat roof GRP Glassfibre flat roof

 Above: A replacement flat garage roof by GT Landscapes and Construction in Stockport using Fibreglass or GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic). We think EPDM Rubber and Glassfibre are the future of flat roofing but we can also install the more traditional Bitumen felt membrane too if that's your preference.

Slate roof reconstructed Slate roof reconstructed

Above: A slate roof repair in Stockport completed by GT Landscapes and Construction. We stripped off old slates and lathes, added a breathable felt membrane, tantalised lathes and replaced the lead flashings and valley. After this we relaid the original slate tiles back on, replacing any damaged ones, and then relaid and pointed the original ridge tiles.

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